Empowering People, Inspiring change.



The Lord Jesus Christ is the Church Service Center's foundation. The center is partially supported by churches in the Bartow FL area, and strives to reflect the teachings of Jesus. Recipients are not restricted to a single denomination or church group. There are no ethnic barriers.

Our Mission


Empowering people, Inspiring change,

by  serving any person, agency, or Church in need.

Our organization attempts to meet the emergency needs of individuals on a temporary basis with food, clothing, meals, household items, gas, utilities, rent, transportation Vouchers, housing, financial education services and much more!  

"He who gives to the poor will not want."
 Proverbs 28:27
How can you help?
We are a registered 501(C)3 Not For Profit organization so all donations are tax deductible.
The Center is in need of:

-Household items
-Food of all kinds

-Clothing for all ages

-Furniture and major appliances

-Monetary gifts are always needed and graciously accepted.   

-Volunteers are always needed to help with day to day operations.

-We are mostly in need of your prayers!