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We are always in search of outgoing individuals who not only understand our mission but support our cause. Individuals who freely offer their time, labor, and expertise in support of the community.


 Fundraisers help organizations meet short-term and long-term goals They accomplish this by employing individuals to engage in the organized activity of raising funds to support a cause, campaign or mission

Art Class


All gifts are welcome, here we encourage those who are gifted in any area to showcase their talents for the benefit of something else. skill-based volunteerism is the process of a volunteer contributing their expertise in an effort to directly support the operations of Bartow Community Service Center. 


Treasures are defined as : 

-Household items
-Food of all kinds
-Clothing for all ages

-Furniture and major appliances

-Monetary gifts are always needed and graciously accepted.   


In Person

Come in and speak to one of our team members today. We'd be more than happy to assist you.

495 E . Summerlin Street
Bartow, Florida 33830

Over the Phone

Give us a quick call, we're always ready to hear from you.


1-(863) 533-5822

By Email

If you aren't able to visit us or contact us by phone, feel free to shoot us a brief email. We're eager to hear from you. 

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